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The Strawberry Festival Historical Museum.

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Disaster Information Outreach by Librarians - From

Serious storms have occurred--or are occurring--in several states across the U.S. Follow reports from the National Weather Service to track storms in your area.

Learn more about what to do before, during, and after a tornado:

How to Prepare for a Tornado - Learn about preparing a disaster supply kit, creating a plan, and knowing the signs of an approaching tornado (dark, greenish sky; large hail; low-lying and rotating cloud; and a loud roar, like a freight train).
What to Do During a Tornado - Depending on whether you are in a building, outdoors, or in a vehicle when a tornado strikes, find out what to do.
What to Do After a Tornado - Get tips on what to do in a potentially unsafe area following a tornado and learn about federal assistance.

The How to Prepare for a Tornado page also lists additional resources:

7 Ways Libraries Serve

  1. Nourish Creativity
  2. Open Young Minds
  3. Return High Dividends
  4. Build Communities
  5. Build Technology Skills
  6. Offer Sanctuary
  7. Preserve the Past

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