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Humboldt Public Library Foundation

Mission Statement
The Humboldt Public Library Foundation supports the enhancement of the facilities, collections, and programs of the Humboldt Public Library over and above what the City of Humboldt can provide. We encourage philanthropic giving to the library to ensure the people of Humboldt and the surrounding area are receiving the fullest possible measure of library resources and services.

New Children's library!


The Humboldt Library Foundation is now a 501c3 organization actively seeking grants and donations for the new Children’s Library.

This organization was formed to assist Friends of the Library and Library Staff to make the Humboldt Library the hub of the community—educationally, informationally, technologically, historically, culturally, and recreationally.

The Foundation supports the enhancement of the facilities, collections, and programs over and above what the City of Humboldt , Gibson Co., and the State of Tennessee can provide. Philanthropic giving for the library is encouraged through endowments, donations, grants, etc. Libraries transform the world, providing services and programs beyond what families can supply.

Members will meet 2nd Tues. of each month at 10:00 am. at the Library.
Foundation Members: Dr. Carolyn Stewart, John Hale, Cathey Jones, Lynn Allen, Thomas Raines, Theresa Bryson-Donald and Betty Allen Langley.

Donors so far: Jim and Elna Blankenship, Ted and Cathey Jones, Lois Currie (Nobel Prize!), Tom and Frances Raines, John and Beverly Mayer, Crystal Wray, Mrs. Felix Dowsley, Gil and Judy Fletcher, Norma Boughton, Nancy Crenshaw, Mary Jane Cole, John and Vicki Hale, Tom and Julia Humphreys, L.P. and Gay Robbins, David and Martha Sikes, Sunshine Mitchell, Gene and Betty Allen Langley, Ralph and B.J. Jones, Danny and Joan Smith, Connie Green in memory of Katherine Green, Charles James, Judy Bowers, Gayle Harrison, Jerry and Barbara Culpepper, Williams and Bundy Properties, Daniel and Regina Lynn, Chuck and Christy Cloud, J.M. and Helen Cyrus, Herbert Schilling memorial, Rena Johnson in memory of Mildred Jones, Calvin and Ollie Farmer, George Oliver and Ron Pyron, Sue Tritt and Robert Baxter, Dana Corporation, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mays, Lashlee Rich Inc., The Robert Walsh Estate, BancorpSouth, William and Judy Wilder, Dymple Peterson, Lynn and Shirley Via, Mary Nelle Fonville, and Marvin and Carol Sikes, Guy and Tammy Causey, Tom Forsyth, Howard and Cherrie Freeman, Marion Albright, E.L. Hunt, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Frances Browder, John Crenshaw, Diane Ford, Sidney Goldsby, Charles and Ida Faye Heglar, Bob and Sylvia Jelks, Bud and Laurie Kinnie, Bob and Johnnie Petty, Carolyn Stewart, Tina Trimmer and Friends, Billy and Ann Walker, Walmart Community Grant, Diane and Glover Wright, Friends of the Library, Dana Corporation Grant. HHS Class of 1960, Class of 1961, Class of 1965, Class of 1966, Class of 1967, Class of 1968, Class of 1969, Class of 1970, Class of 1975, Class of 2013, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pat Barnett, Class of 1963 (Linda Hutchison, Oran Lawson, Martha Smith, Joyce Downing, Henry Lewis, and Thomas Raines, and from the class in memory of deceased members), Dr. and Mrs. Mike Mitchell, Linda Lashlee, Carole Williams, Class of 1963.

Levels of funding for donations to the new Children's Library and number of donars so far:

0-$100 Children's Choice Award (31)
$101-500 Reader's Choice Award (17)
$501-1,000 Nebula Award for Science Fiction (6)
$1001-5000 Agatha Award for Mystery (6)
$5001-10,000 National Book Award (0)
$10,001-25,000 Pulitzer Prize in Literature (0)
$25,001-50,000 + Nobel Prize in Literature (1)


Hours of Operation
Sunday Closed
Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
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